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We are bringing out a completely redesigned product that is primarily targeted at the console market. Our earlier development approach was focused only on PC. Since then, we've brought about drastic changes in the overall look, feel and gameplay.

The Cricket Life HQ (Head-quarters)

We took time to completely overhaul player models and other assets. Compared to the previous iteration we were working on last year, the current version is a generation ahead. You may now create and customize a player to the max. A comprehensive Game Editor that includes, among other standard editing features, a fully featured Dress Designer (yes, you may design your own uniforms right within the game!), kit & equipment editor, and more. And if that's not all, we thought why not make the game more realistic even before it's out? Read more below


It's going to be Cricket Life not just on PC but also on current and next-gen platform. We've done away with traditional keyboard based batting and bowling in favor of newer technologies offered by the consoles. Read more in FAQs section.

Interactive Life

As the game's core storyline revolves around a single player's life, we thought it was apt to change the gameplay to focus more on the player at every stage of life. As a result, we've brought in fully interactive scenes that include, for instance, your 3D player interacting with the coach and other players in the Dressing Room. Rather than portraying the news story of you getting a new club or league contract as news item, we've redesigned to include 3D cut-scenes that show your player actually signing the contract and posing to the media with their new uniforms.

We invite you to make the game more enjoyable.
Check out Project CCC
  • With Cricket Life's release being put off for the time being, you may be interested in Project CCC
  • Check out Project CCC Website
Crowd-sourcing: Engaging Gamers
  • We provide an opportunity to you to make the game content and data better, realistic and more accurate


We'll be updating this section periodically to clarify any doubts or questions you may have.

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Project CCC: Arriving Soon.

March 31, 2016. Check out Project CCC's website at . We will be posting further updates about Project CCC there. Project CCC will be a free-to-play mobile Cricket game inspired by Cricket Life. It's in the submission stage right now.

Update on Cricket Life

March 31, 2016. Due to unresolved legal issues, we regret to inform that we do not have a timeframe for the release of Cricket Life on PC. Additionally, Gamebience is taking over the control of this website from Xteger Labs, and Xteger is no longer associated with Cricket Life products, with immediate effect.
While we can't promise anything at this moment, we'd like to release it later this year (provided outstanding issues are resolved). At this moment though, we are looking forward to Project CCC.


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